Methodology Areas

M01. Accident and Incident modeling

M02. Economic Analysis in Risk Management

M03. Foundational Issues in Risk Assessment and Management

M04. Human Factors and Human Reliability

M05. Maintenance Modeling and Applications

M06. Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety

M07. Prognostics and System Health Management

M08. Resilience Engineering

M09. Risk Assessment

M10. Risk Management

M11. Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis

M12. Structural Reliability

M13. System Reliability

M14. Uncertainty Analysis

Application Areas

T01. Aeronautics and Aerospace

T02. Chemical Process Industry

T03. Civil Engineering

T04. Critical Infrastructures

T05. Energy

T06. Information Technology and Telecommunication

T07. Land Transportation

T08. Manufacturing

T09. Maritime and Offshore Technology

T10. Natural Hazards

T11. Nuclear Industry

T12. Occupational Safety

T13. Security

T14. Oil and Gas Industry

T15. Software Systems

T16. Other Safety and Reliability Areas

Special Sessions

S01. TRUSS, A Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network in Structural Safety

S02. Risk Approaches in Insurance and Finance Sectors

S03. Dynamic Reliability and PSA

S04. Bayesian and Statistical Methods

S05. Reliability Data and Testing

S06. Organizational Factors and Safety Culture

S07. Software Reliability and Safety

S08. Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems

S09. Socio-Technical-Economic Systems

S10. ASAMPSA_E Advanced Safety Assessment Methodologies: extended PSA

S11. RAMS in Railways: Theory & Practice'

S12. Big Data Risk Analysis and Management

S13. Model-based Reliability and Safety Engineering

S14. Generally Accepted Reliability Principle with Uncertainty modelling and through probabilistic Risk assessment

S15. Other Special Sessions